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Aug. 27th, 2022

To Arashians

If you are viewing this journal, you are probably an Arashi community owner checking on me.

(because I tried to join your community ne?)

Sadly for you, you wont find anything interesting here. This journal is here for the sole purpose of  meeting Arashians and watch Arashi stuff.

Reason is: I don't like to post entries, I am not a daily journal girl XD.

But since you are still reading right now, I will write a little about myself.

I'm 27, wrote a little bit of entries back in my teenagehood because, at that time, Livejournal was as popular as Facebook, if it can give you an idea.

I encountered the rainbow love 6 years ago while searching for a japanese drama to watch, then clicked on a title called "Arashi ni shiyagare". I then met 5 guys, all pretty awesome(not as much as my fiance, obviously *coughcough*) with the best interaction I've ever seen between Big Idols Starrrsss.
Then I wanted to learn japanese, then I wanted to watch all Arashi videos, then I noticed that streaming sites were stealing stuff from the subbing teams, then I noticed subbing teams were locked communities mostly all on Livejournal, then I noticed I had an old Livejournal account, then I tried to restart being active on this site, then I failed since I don't like writing entries, then I found some Arashi communities who, even being moderated, didn't ask for a minimum of posts in my Livejournal account(but I still posted in their community XD), then I joined these ones, then I tried to join yours, then you are reading this.


Out of my Arashi fandom life, I'm a floral designer, got my diploma in 2009, I work in DA best florist in a big french town called Montreal. I'm still a "bambino" but someday will be an elite, as my co-workers.

I'm engaged to an ex-goth who was flirting with anything wearing hi-liner, and that, for some reason, fell in love with me, not being the prettiest ex-goth out there, but being the most wonderful woman out there, as he said.

Got two cats and a roommate  not anymore! along the way. We now have a baby boy called Cyan, he's the love of my life.
My house is pretty noisy and lively, also filled with plants and flowers(yay!).

Without Arashi I also enjoy animes, japanese dramas and video games. Vintage and indie Video games. If you have a Steam account, add me: sotnosjade.

Ciao ^__^

Nov. 11th, 2011

Starting from scratch

Well, it's been seven years since I wrote an entry or update my journal...

the reason of why I restart being active on this site is because I became an Arashi fan,and live journal is the paradise of Arashi fandom, it seems.

So here is my first entry in seven years, from me, Jade, 24 years old instead of 17, with no actual active friends who will comment on this post, but I don't mind.  I plan to meet alot of little Arashians.

Now...editedtiedit, this Livejournal doesn't fit with my new adult-ish personnality, I ain't rebellious goth/punk anymore(but in my soul, will always be....or not, whatever.)

Dec. 30th, 2004

(no subject)

Yay! Stef is truly engaged! We already chose her wedding dress mwahaha! I dont remember when but I know that we talked about that someday...
Anyway. I thought about that, Stef is punk and she is now engaged. The society says that punks are ebil lol, but "normal" people in the society(Im talking about rich dumb assholes) sometimes get married but they always divorce or just cheat on each others all the times. They hate their kids etc. Well like I know Stef, those kind of things will never happen. Ya punks are good people :P Not all of them *cough* but anyway I hope this couple will always be togheter ^^

Dec. 26th, 2004

(no subject)


November 2011



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